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Employment in Intereuropa

We are the centre of a vast logistics network. We direct, manage and control the movement of goods in all directions, reaching nearby and remote destinations quickly and safely. The Intereuropa Group as a global logistics service is the leading supplier of complete logistic services in Slovenia and South-Eastern Europe and a successful logistics group with great development potential.

Intereuropa is a leading provider of logistics services in South Eastern Europe. Intereuropa’s commercial success is due to its employees and their knowledge, capabilities, motivation and effective teamwork. Intereuropa’s dynamic international business environment provides excellent working conditions and development in various work areas for its employees. Sales orientation, teamwork, responsibility and proficiency are key competences we appreciate and develop within our work.


Land transport froms a major part of our activities. Transport organisers are characterised by proficiency in foreign languages, resourcefulness, good communication and organisational skills as well as teamwork.  Importance is placed on experiences in logistics operations, freight foewarding, customs operations and selling skills. 


Logistics solutions represent a line of business that offers customers an integrated logistics solution including transport, customs clearance and storage as well as additional services as agreed. In addition to logistics officers and transport organisers, the specific personnel in this area include, in particular, warehouse managers, warehouse workers, forklift drivers and individual product line or IT specialists. Continuous operational changes and optimisation require employees that are familiar with computer programmes and with the use of computer peripherals (such as scanners), are trained to drive forklifts and are willing to work flexible hours since work at the terminals on several locations also takes place in the afternoon, at night and on weekends.


Intercontinental transport represents a line of business that combines Intereuropa’s maritime and air transport products. The personnel with this type of experience and skills are mainly located in Koper due to the proximity of the port and at the Brnik airport, where they work in close association with Slovenia’s largest airport. This line of business is divided in a similar way also in other countries in which Intereuropa Group operates through its affiliates. The efficient personnel in this segment of the Group’s operations are characterised in particular by active use of English business language, good communication skills, teamwork and excellent knowledge of logistics processes and freight forwarding.


Informatisation of operations, legal, accounting and financial services, controlling, public relations, internal audit department, quality assurance department, human resources development and other corporate functions are provided centrally from the company's Koper headquarters. Some larger companies within the Group also employ specialists in individual areas. Specialists that are efficient in attaining the set goals, successfully participate in rojects of entire Intereuropa Group.



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