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Intereuropa Ltd. Co. organisation chart
We are the centre of a vast logistics network. We direct, manage and control the movement of goods in all directions, reaching nearby and remote destinations quickly and safely.



Finance and Accounting Department
Aleksander Milostnik

Business IT Support
Robi Flego

Human Resources Department
Matjaž Ujčič

Legal Department
Matjaž Ujčič

Quality Department
Dejan Memon

Controling Department
Mojca Stopar Simoneta


Forwarding and Logistics
Dalibor Stojanov

Development of Strategic and Key Customers
Igor Lukič / Miran Markežič

International Road Transport
Marko Cah

Domestic Transport 
Helena Trunk

Groupage Transport
Helena Trunk

Mihovil Rameša

Air Freight
Dalibor Stojanov

Logistical Solutions
Mateja Pikl

Customs Services
Marko Cah

Sales Department
Savin Jurić

Full Truck Loads Department
Mario Brodar

Branch office Koper

Branch office Celje
Damjana Žaberl

Branch office Ljubljana
Tomaž Koder