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Social Responsibility
Intereuropa has been operating in its local environment for a number of years and has provided for an improvement of the quality of life and work wherever it has its business operations.

Intereuropa demonstrates its care and responsibility for the environment by carrying out donorship and sponsorship activities. The aim of these activities is to carry out various cultural, sport, humanitarian and other projects and to raise the awareness of the importance of social environment.

Knowledge is an important competitive advantage and one of the company's fundamental values; therefore, the company systematically participates in its accumulation and sponsors various conferences and seminars. Donorship activities are intended for hospitals, health care institutions and humanitarian missions.

In carrying out its sponsorship and donorship activities, the company opts mainly for providing support to projects promoting Slovenia's image in Europe and worldwide and enhance Intereuropa's own reputation. By providing support to sports activities, education, cultural and humanitarian projects, the company also raises consciousness about the social environment.


Intereuropa has sponsored various events and organisations for a number of years. Sponsorship is a form of advertising consisting of a special contractual relationship, the characteristic of which is that both parties are linked by a common benefit. The sponsor undertakes to support an activity of the sponsored party by providing him with financial resources, services or goods, and the sponsored party, in return, undertakes to carry out an advertising campaign on behalf of the sponsor on banners, billboards, T-shirts, motor vehicles, etc.

Intereuropa acts as a sponsor of various sports events and sports clubs, conferences, seminars and cultural societies, acquisition of medical machines and vehicles, various dance clubs and other cultural organisations. In this way, Intereuropa wishes to enhance its social reputation and raise the consciousness about the social environment.


Intereuropa donorship activities cover humanitarian, cultural, educational, sports and health care purposes. These are donor contributions to some non-profit activities, representing as much as one third of the total resources intended for social responsibility purposes.

Donorship is a unilateral transaction with no mutual benefit involved. It is a non-refundable payment in cash or in kind. The donor (legal entity) expects no favour in return for his donation.

The donor and the donation recipient sign a donor agreement for voluntary contributions in cash and in kind for humanitarian, cultural, educational, scientific, research, sports, ecological and religious purposes.




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