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17. 04. 2020


Intereuropa participated in the organisation of the air transport of protective equipment from the Chinese city of Qingdao to Ljubljana for the needs of the national commodity reserve. Urgently needed protective equipment and other medical devices were transported by airplane. Our team in Brnik was waiting to cover the entire logistical side of the operation, as that airplane delivered the goods to the airport in Brnik an hour before its scheduled arrival. Everything was in place for direct handling immediately after the plane landed: plane to lorry, and delivery to the commodity reserve warehouse in Roje. Also of interest is the fact that the goods were transported from China aboard an Airbus A320 passenger plane.

Once again, the Intereuropa Group as a whole played the role of leading provider of logistics services in Southeast Europe and proved that it is capable of organising even the most complex logistics processes, such as the organisation of charter flights in the current conditions.

In cooperation with the Pošta Slovenije Group, Intereuropa organised a complex logistics operation, in which it proved again, through its expertise and experience, that it is capable of carrying out even the most complex logistics operations, this time under very tight time constraints.

06. 04. 2020


Intereuropa’s subsidiary Intereuropa RTC, d. d., Sarajevo donated transport services to a business partner, which showed its gratitude by donating 350 protective masks to the aforementioned company. Business partners are helping one another and demonstrating solidarity during this period of extraordinary operating conditions due to COVID-19. #stayathome

31. 03. 2020


Dear Business Partner,

More than two weeks have passed since the quarantine was imposed, and we want you to know that the Intereuropa Group continues to provide all the services required to solve your logistics problems, despite the extraordinary circumstances. We are aware that you, our esteemed business partner, are also operating in difficult circumstances and we would like to offer you a solution in the form of logistics services precisely for this situation. We are thus here to help you find the right solution to your logistics problem. Our Group, with nearly 1,300 competent and knowledgeable employees, offers logistics support for your business processes. This means that we provide transport services for our customers by road, air, sea and rail, arrange all necessary customs formalities, and warehouse and deliver goods to the desired destination. Part of our core activity is to manage the flows of various types of goods requiring special handling. These sectors include pharmaceuticals, food stuffs, oversized freight, hazardous goods, etc. Despite the current extraordinary situation, we continue to provide comprehensive logistics services for companies in manufacturing, trade and other sectors through our own network of twelve subsidiaries in nine countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Ukraine.

The Intereuropa Group is adjusting its operations to the extraordinary circumstances. To that end, we are dedicating special attention to protecting the health of our employees to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. We are also monitoring all relevant reports issued by official authorities and implementing all recommended measures to protect both employees and you, the users of our logistics services.

We invite you to visit our website https://www.intereuropa.si/si/aktualnoin the future to keep abreast of the latest developments.

Management Board
Intereuropa, d. d

19. 03. 2020


Please note that from 19 March 2020, the business hours of border unit Gruškovje will be changed as follows:

Monday-Friday: 7.00 am - 8.00 pm
Saturday: 7.00 am - 1.00 pm
Sunday: closed

Tel. 00386 2 788 41 72
E-mail: gruskovje@intereuropa.si

19. 03. 2020


Intereuropa, d.d. hereby informs the interested parties that the Intereuropa Group is carefully monitoring the current events in Slovenia and around the world, which are the result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and we are doing everything necessary in accordance with the measures of the responsible institutions and experts' recommendations to protect the health of our employees and business partners, and to ensure business continuity at all our group companies. We are regularly adjusting our activities to the situation in the countries where Intereuropa provides its services, and also carrying out all the key activities to meet the needs of our clients. Even in these strenuous circumstances we have ensured the flow of goods along the entire supply chain.

A special coordination team is continuously monitoring the situation and implementing the necessary measures. We have enabled our employees to work from home to the greatest extent possible, and provided protective equipment for employees that must be present in the business process due to the nature of their work. We regularly inform employees of newly adopted measures and developments in specific companies.

At this time, due to the rapidly changing circumstances, the impact of the coronavirus on the operations and financial position of the Intereuropa Group it is difficult to assess. If circumstances were to change dramatically or an assessment of performance was to arise that would significantly deviate from the forecasts, we will inform the interested parties thereof in a transparent manner. We will publish regular interim information about the operations of the Intereuropa Group in accordance with the published financial calendar. 

Management Board of the company

19. 03. 2020


Dear Business Partner,

Due to the current situation and the consequences of the spread of the coronavirus, we kindly request that you verify with the recipients of goods whether they will actually be able to take receipt before you send us an order to pick up a shipment. It is also crucial that you send us the recipient’s contact data (name and surname and telephone number, as well as their email address in the event of international shipments).

With your help, we will avoid bottlenecks and the excessive accumulation of goods in our warehouses and the warehouse of our business partners abroad, and thus additional costs due to the return of goods.

We also recommend that business partners who entrust us with the transport of shipments within Slovenia agree with their customers not collect payments on delivery so as to avoid the handling of cash.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.

Intereuropa, d. d.


Dear Business Partner,

This is to inform you that the Intereuropa Group continues to carry out all key activities to satisfy the needs of the users of logistics services, even in the challenging conditions posed by the spread of the new coronavirus. Despite the extraordinary situation on the market, we continue to provide comprehensive logistics support for processes in manufacturing, trade and other sectors through our own network of twelve subsidiaries in nine countries, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Ukraine. In addition, we satisfy the needs and expectations of the users of logistics services around the world via a global network of reliable business partners. Even in difficult conditions, we use various methods to ensure the flow of goods up and down the entire supply chain, and provide high-quality logistics services and support for logistics products in the land transport, intercontinental transport and logistics solutions segments.

As in the past, Intereuropa, d. d. will continue to comply in the future with the recommended and emergency measures issued by the National Institute of Public Health, and with the instructions of other competent institutions, with the aim of protecting both the company’s employees and the representatives of business partners who cooperate with Intereuropa. Intereuropa will also strive in these difficult conditions to ensure the highest possible level of logistics services for users. We will continue in the future to provide our business partners all pertinent information regarding the provision of logistics services on the company’s website at www.intereuropa.si and in direct contacts. We also invite you to send your questions to us via telephone and email.

Management Board
Intereuropa, d. d.

13. 03. 2020


Dear Business Partner,

Intereuropa puts the health of its employees and customers first, and therefore dedicates a great deal of attention to this area.  A special working group is continuously monitoring the current situation, while the company complies with all measures imposed and recommended by the National Institute of Public Health and other competent institutions. Intereuropa has in place various scenarios and protocols in the event of the spread of a virus and illness due to infection.

The growing number of infections and measures adopted by the competent institutions can lead to disruptions in the provision of logistics services. Intereuropa’s clear goal is to prevent the further spread of the virus and protect the health of its employees.

For the above reasons, we have adopted measures to restrict the contact of our employees with others in the provision of certain logistics services, where employees come into contact with drivers and other persons in situations where representatives of our business partners (drivers, forwarding agents, customs officers, etc.) are also exposed. The company’s Management Board has adopted certain measures to ensure business continuity and the safety of both employees and business partners to the greatest extent possible. Those measures are presented below:

Measures in the exchange of documents in warehouses and offices:

  • Upon arrival, a driver must call the person stated in the transport order or the local contact person.
  • Vehicles must be parked in designated areas while waiting.
  • Following the submission of freight documentation, drivers and their passengers must remain in the cab of their vehicle while waiting for loading and unloading. 
  • Drivers must likewise remain in the cab of their vehicle during actual loading and unloading, while the drive trains of vehicles must be disengaged and wheel chocks must be in place. 
  • Drivers and their passengers may only leave their vehicle using the appropriate protective mask.
  • The entry of warehouses and offices by drivers is prohibited.

Intereuropa will continue to comply with and implement proactive measures that will contribute to the stabilisation of conditions. We will continuously inform you about further activities and measures on our website at www.intereuropa.si

Best regards,

Management Board
Intereuropa, d. d.