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Are you searching for a way on how to quickly transport your goods from China? In Intereuropa we can also offer you a road transport from China for your goods.

In times like these when sea freight is having capacity and transit problems, a transport that's coming more and more into play is by road from China, under what's now called the New Silk road.

The Silk road is a net of interconnected trade routes between Asia (East, South and West Asia) with the Mediterranean basin, North and Northwestern Africa and Europe.

Characteristics of road transport from China:

  • Cargo travels approximately 13.000 – 15.000 km.
  • Usual transit route: China-Kazakhstan-Russia-Belorussia-EU countries.
  • There is an option for both FTL and LTL for all types of goods.
  • The price is cheaper than air freight and the transit time is faster than sea freight.
  • Tracking is possible 24/7.
  • Flexible departure time.

We will provide you with more detailed information and the transit time upon a specific request.

In Intereuropa we offer you the transport of goods from China to Slovenia and other European countries. 

We can quickly and with quality provide you with the following services as well: 
  • customs clearance, 
  • cargo insurance of goods, 
  • handling of goods and other services.
Make the routes of your goods from China be as optimal, fast and to your advantage as possible. We are here for you.