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We adapt to all industrial sectors with our perfect knowledge of comprehensive logistics. We contribute to achieving the leading solutions in the industry by establishing long-term partnerships with experts in the field of Logistics and all market segments.
We manage automotive logistics, including the logistics of components and spare parts in the automotive industry and the logistics of finished cars. We have developed logistical support for the pharmaceutical industry in the fields of Packaging, Medical Equipment, Medicines, etc. The same logistical support is also provided for Textile, Footwear and other mass-market industries in supplying the supply centres in the region according to the B2B principle.
We offer comprehensive support for the flows of commodities regarding raw materials and semi-finished products in the chemical and oil industries in import, export and transit, by developing successive combined transport and accompanying services of fiscal representation and Customs clearance in the entire supply chain.

Our company takes care of the logistics of highly perishable goods and provides support for food traders with many years of experience in the logistics of fresh fruit and vegetables in overseas flows of commodities, and logistical support for food traders in supplying the centres in the region.
In the fields of White Goods and Electronics we are focused on logistical solutions by using our own storage capacities, a combination of maritime and road transport in supplying goods, as well as by setting up logistical hub centres and by means of B2B distribution. 
We also offer solutions for heavy industry by providing logistical support for import and export supply chains of machines and equipment, turbines and large castings, components, steel semi-finished products and other semi-finished and heavy industry products



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