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Corporate governance
Intereuropa's main activity is the provision of a comprehensive range of logistics services to the complete satisfaction of its customers. We manage a comprehensive range of logistics services covering three key business areas: land transport, intercontinental transport and logistics solutions.

The controlling company Intereuropa d.d. and its subsidiaries constitute a group under single management of the Management Board of Intereuropa d.d. Intereuropa Group understands corporate governance as a process of planning, organising and controlling the use of its business resources to accomplish its goals, while striving at the same time to meet the demands and expectations of its customers. Intereuropa Group is aware that an effective system of governance and management of subsidiaries is one of the pillars of successful attainment of operating objectives and enhanced transparency of the Group’s operations.

The main governance orientation of the company Intereuropa d.d. and Intereuropa Group represents a transparent operation, a clear sharing of responsibility and duties among its bodies, a permanent concern for independence and loyalty of members of management and supervisory bodies and a continued monitoring and introduction of improvements for increasing governance efficiency.

Intereuropa’s principal activity consists of providing a comprehensive range of logistics services to the full satisfaction of its customers. The company manages a wide set of logistics solutions through three key areas of its operations: land transport, intercontinental transport and logistics solutions.


Meeting the needs for logistics services and providing an optimum performance of supply chains to the complete satisfaction of customers and, at the same time, socially responsible creation of values for owners, employees and other stakeholders.


To become a top provider of integrated logistics services.


Professional attitude to customers. Adaptability and flexibility. Responsibility. Team work and respectful attitude to fellow employees.


Management Board, Supervisory Board and General Meeting.

The company implements its business vision on a sound foundation: by strengthening the Group’s market position through its own branch network, developing and specialising logistics products, through sales and customer orientation by creating partnership relations, focusing on sales of integrated solutions of the Group, ongoing process optimisation and implementation of synergic effects of the Group's coordinated activities. Special attention is devoted to effective staff development, building a culture of success and staff training with a view to promoting and keeping a motivated and professionally qualified work force as a key element of further development of Intereuropa Group.

The strategic goals for the next four-year period are defined by the “Strategic Operating Plan of Intereuropa Group for the period 2010-2014”, and Intereuropa’s long-term governance objective is to perform gainful activity aimed at maximising the company’s value and creating long-term value for its shareholders. In this respect, Intereuropa observes the principles of sustainable development and acts to the benefit of its employees, broader community and other stakeholders.

The company Intereuropa d.d. has a two-tier governance structure in which the Management Board manages the company autonomously and on its own responsibility.

Intereuropa takes appropriate measures in order to ensure optimum cooperation among its subsidiaries, knowledge transfer from the parent company to its subsidiaries, promote transfer of knowledge and good practices among the companies within the group, and facilitate the coordination of development, marketing and product realisation in a manner that allows the achievement of maximum possible levels of efficiency of the Group as a whole. Intereuropa d.d. also controls its subsidiaries by following uniform accounting policies. Related-party transactions are based on market conditions.

Intereuropa’s management board and top management members are on the supervisory boards, boards of directors or management boards of subsidiaries, which ensures a coordinated implementation of strategic decisions, enhances the flow of information and control over the subsidiaries’ operations.

At the same time, Intereuropa encourages local response and adaptability of its subsidiaries to the local environment with a view to ensuring optimum provision of services to local customers and their gradual incorporation into the Group's branch network.

Intereuropa considers the Code of Governance of Public Limited Companies (hereinafter: Code), which was adopted by the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, the Slovenian Directors' Association and the Managers’ Association of Slovenia as the reference code of governance.


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