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Intereuropa's main activity is the provision of a comprehensive range of logistics services to the complete satisfaction of its customers. We manage a comprehensive range of logistics services covering three key business areas: land transport, intercontinental transport and logistics solutions.

The Management Board manages, represents and acts on behalf of the company in relation to third parties. It acts in accordance with the company's objectives in order to achieve maximum benefits for its shareholders, by taking into account, at the same time, the company's all stakeholders. Under the Companies Act and the company’s Articles of Association, the Management Board has a maximum of four members; however, the actual number of members is determined by the Supervisory Board according to the principle of efficiency and rationality. One Management Board member is thus appointed pursuant to the Worker Participation in Management Act and, by acting within the rights and duties of a Management Board member, acts of behalf and represents workers' interests in respect of personnel and social issues. Activities of the Management Board and distribution of responsibility between individual board members is laid down in greater detail by the Rules of Procedure for the Management Board. The term of office of the Management Board is five consecutive years.

The management Board currently has three members. The Management Board's activities and division of areas of competence are defined by the Rules of Procedure of the Management Board.

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