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General Meeting
The General Meeting is the supreme decision-making body of the company through which shareholders directly exercise their rights concerning company issues.

The principal task and purpose of the General Meeting is to make resolutions as final decisions in matters of its competence. The General Meeting of a joint-stock company adopts resolutions with the force of legal act in order to provide strategic solutions for the company's business, operations and organisation.

The company’s Management Board calls a General Meeting on its own initiative, at the request of the Supervisory Board or at the request of its shareholders. The General Meeting is normally convened once a year and not later than eight months from the end of the financial year.

The General Meeting adopts resolutions that affect the company’s operations. Major resolutions discussed by shareholders during the meeting include the resolution on the appointment and removal of members of the company's Supervisory Board, resolution on appropriation of distributable net profit, resolution on amending the Articles of Association, resolution to increase or reduce share capital, and resolution on the appointment of auditor. The General Meeting also approves the report on the activities of the Management Board and of the Supervisory Board for a particular financial year by granting a discharge to these two bodies. The activity of the General Meeting is governed by the Companies Act, the company's Articles of Association and Rules of Procedure of the General Meeting.

For the most part, resolutions are adopted by a simple majority. The most important resolutions are adopted by a three-quarter majority of the represented share capital. These resolutions include the resolution on amending the Articles of Association, resolution to increase or reduce share capital, resolution on the change of the company's status, resolution to exclude the preferential right of shareholders on a new issue of shares, resolution on early recall of Supervisory Board members, and other cases when so provided by the law or Articles of Association.

Only shareholders registered in the company’s share ledger held on the central register of KDD – Centralna klirinško depotna družba, d.d., Ljubljana (Central Securities Clearing Corporation) and their proxies which notify their participation within the statutory time limit have the right to participate in the General Meeting. Shareholders’ proxies must submit their proxy together with the notice of participation. Each share gives the shareholder one vote at the General Meeting.

General Meeting of Shareholders
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