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13. 3. 2020

Announcement - measures regarding coronavirus

Dear Business Partner,

Intereuropa puts the health of its employees and customers first, and therefore dedicates a great deal of attention to this area.  A special working group is continuously monitoring the current situation, while the company complies with all measures imposed and recommended by the National Institute of Public Health and other competent institutions. Intereuropa has in place various scenarios and protocols in the event of the spread of a virus and illness due to infection.

The growing number of infections and measures adopted by the competent institutions can lead to disruptions in the provision of logistics services. Intereuropa’s clear goal is to prevent the further spread of the virus and protect the health of its employees.

For the above reasons, we have adopted measures to restrict the contact of our employees with others in the provision of certain logistics services, where employees come into contact with drivers and other persons in situations where representatives of our business partners (drivers, forwarding agents, customs officers, etc.) are also exposed. The company’s Management Board has adopted certain measures to ensure business continuity and the safety of both employees and business partners to the greatest extent possible. Those measures are presented below:

Measures in the exchange of documents in warehouses and offices:

  • Upon arrival, a driver must call the person stated in the transport order or the local contact person.
  • Vehicles must be parked in designated areas while waiting.
  • Following the submission of freight documentation, drivers and their passengers must remain in the cab of their vehicle while waiting for loading and unloading. 
  • Drivers must likewise remain in the cab of their vehicle during actual loading and unloading, while the drive trains of vehicles must be disengaged and wheel chocks must be in place. 
  • Drivers and their passengers may only leave their vehicle using the appropriate protective mask.
  • The entry of warehouses and offices by drivers is prohibited.

Intereuropa will continue to comply with and implement proactive measures that will contribute to the stabilisation of conditions. We will continuously inform you about further activities and measures on our website at www.intereuropa.si

Best regards,

Management Board
Intereuropa, d. d.