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17. 3. 2020

Intereuropa provides comprehensive logistics support, even in extraordinary conditions

Dear Business Partner,

This is to inform you that the Intereuropa Group continues to carry out all key activities to satisfy the needs of the users of logistics services, even in the challenging conditions posed by the spread of the new coronavirus. Despite the extraordinary situation on the market, we continue to provide comprehensive logistics support for processes in manufacturing, trade and other sectors through our own network of twelve subsidiaries in nine countries, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Ukraine. In addition, we satisfy the needs and expectations of the users of logistics services around the world via a global network of reliable business partners. Even in difficult conditions, we use various methods to ensure the flow of goods up and down the entire supply chain, and provide high-quality logistics services and support for logistics products in the land transport, intercontinental transport and logistics solutions segments.

As in the past, Intereuropa, d. d. will continue to comply in the future with the recommended and emergency measures issued by the National Institute of Public Health, and with the instructions of other competent institutions, with the aim of protecting both the company’s employees and the representatives of business partners who cooperate with Intereuropa. Intereuropa will also strive in these difficult conditions to ensure the highest possible level of logistics services for users. We will continue in the future to provide our business partners all pertinent information regarding the provision of logistics services on the company’s website at www.intereuropa.si and in direct contacts. We also invite you to send your questions to us via telephone and email.

Management Board
Intereuropa, d. d.