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13. 1. 2022

Letter from the President of the Management Board to Business Partners

Dear Business Partner,
At the end of 2021, the Supervisory Board appointed me to serve as President of Intereuropa’s Management Board. I assume the task entrusted to me with full responsibility and awareness of the importance of the services that the Intereuropa Group provides to its customers via a network of twelve subsidiaries in nine countries in Southeast Europe and the Ukraine. 

The Intereuropa Group’s primary focus will remain the consistent implementation of the strategic development programme and the realisation of the outlined strategic objectives in order to achieve the further growth and development of the company. Our efforts are directed at adapting logistical services to your needs, thus always being available for any questions or proposals you may have. Your suggestions for the improvement of our logistical services are very important, as we can only improve the quality of our logistical services and products through our combined effort. We also strive to ensure your satisfaction. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have shown in us and we look forward to our continued joint partnership. We believe that we will continue to jointly build on our professional relationship and also upgrade our current business cooperation. Only through our combined effort can we reach your expectations and ensure the required quality of logistical services. 

Thank you again for being and remaining a part of our story in the future. Our valued business partner, we wish to continue to co-create our joint success story in the future. 

Damijan Vajs
President of the Management Board