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We organize import and export air transport for conventional air shipments. In doing so, we can organize faster flight service "Urgent service", designed for quicker delivery or economically acceptable services "Economy Service", where cost-efficiency of the transport process is at the forefront where cargo can travel for a longer period or for several days.
Our partner network ensures the takeover of consignments at the sender's premises and delivery thereof to the addressee, with suitable traceability of consignments.


This range of air transport products also includes adapted sea-air transport, where maritime and air transport is consecutively combined. Such transport is 30-50% faster compared to normal shipping and 30-50% cheaper compared to air transport. Integration of our products enables an optimum combination of modes for transporting cargo to meet the time and cost requirements of our customers.


At Intereuropa, we adapt our services to our customers' expectations. Therefore, we organize express delivery to the addressee anywhere in the world. In Slovenia, we ensure delivery within the time limit defined by the customer, allowing for immediate delivery or delivery within 24 hours, the latter of which is economically more advantageous.



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