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The website Track & Trace for Registered Users at www.intereuropa.si is intended for Intereuropa's clients (hereafter referred to as »User«) who are registered at www.intereuropa.si, accept General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website Track & Trace for Registered Users (hereafter referred to as »General Terms and Conditions«) and agree to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions, by General terms and conditions of use of the website www.intereuropa.si and current legislation.
On the website, the User can use the web application called Track & Trace and/or the web application called Order Entry. The User may use the web applications only for their own needs and purposes, and cannot transfer their rights of use to a third party. The User does not acquire any ownership rights or copyrights, but only the right to use the web application, in accordance with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and the instructions for use of the web applications Track & Trace and Order Entry, and in accordance with the code of conduct published in the manual or in the amendments to the manual and other documents which are published on the website www.intereuropa.si or in any other way presented to the User by Intereuropa.


User registration is carried out over a web interface where the User enters their data. The User acknowledges that the data entered is correct and authentic. It is illegal to pose as a third person.

The User accesses the website by the user name and password which they choose upon registration, or by the user name and password given to the User by Intereuropa. The User undertakes to keep the user name and password as a trade secret and that they will be used only by authorized persons.

Intereuropa can immediately, without prior notification, terminate User's access to the website if it establishes that the access is no longer necessary or if it terminates the website. It can also terminate the access if it establishes that the User accessed and used the website and web applications in violation of the General Terms and Conditions or in case there is a threat detected on the Intereuropa information system.


If the User wishes to use the website, they must accept the General Terms and Conditions. If they do not accept the terms and conditions, they cannot use the website. The General Terms and Conditions are accepted upon registration and by using the website. Terms and conditions take effect for each individual web application (Track & trace and Order Entry) from the moment the User starts using the application.

Intereuropa reserves the right to change or amend the General Terms and Conditions. The amended terms and conditions enter into force on the day when they are published on the website www.intereuropa.si. If the User uses the website after the General Terms and Conditions have been changed or amended, it is understood that the User agreed with the amended terms and conditions.


The Track & Trace application enables the User to track the consignments which are being shipped by Intereuropa. The information on the whereabouts of the consignment is provided in the form of statuses which appear on the Intereuropa information system every time an activity occurs. The User can track only their own consignments in the system.

In the Intereuropa system, each User has their own uniform identification number which enables them to view results. The system shows the User only those orders under which the User was listed as the sender, receiver or payer. The User cannot access the information on the consignments of other Users which are in no way connected to the User.


The User directly enters the orders for those shipments which Intereuropa has agreed to carry out. The orders are made and services are carried out in accordance with the Standard Trading Conditions of Slovenian International Freight Forwarders and General Terms of Business for the »Intereuropa Express« Product.

It is understood that for the consignments shipped in line with the »Intereuropa Express« product, the User can place orders for all the packages which in the General Terms of Business for the »Intereuropa Express« Product are defined as the consignments which Intereuropa can ship, but the User cannot place orders for the consignments which in the General Terms of Business for the »Intereuropa Express« Product are defined as »excluded goods«.

For the shipment of consignments in line with the »Intereuropa Express« product, the User can place orders for the consignments which do not exceed the following dimensions: maximal height 1.70 m; maximal length 3 m; maximal weight of all the packages must not exceed 3 tons.

All other consignments are shipped and received within the time limits and in accordance with the conditions which are agreed upon by Intereuropa and the User in special contracts or accepted offers.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the deadline for placing an order for the pick-up of packages is the same day at 12:00 pm, and the shipment is delivered on the following working day.


An order is considered to be successfully entered and accepted by Intereuropa when the system gives the User an adequate order number and a notification appears that the order was successfully entered. An order number consists of the NRSI code and nine digits.

Intereuropa and the User can agree that the User is allowed to print labels. In this case, the User undertakes to put labels, created in accordance with the Intereuropa standards, on the packages which are given to Intereuropa for shipment.

In case there are problems with the use of the information solution, the User must immediately notify the administrator about this, and place orders for the shipment of all consignments to Intereuropa by fax, telephone or email.


Intereuropa reserves the right to change the form of the website and to develop web applications by adding new features.

Intereuropa provides the User with technical and content support which includes the elimination of mistakes and disruptions, and explanations about the performance of a website or web application. Communication is carried out by phone, fax and email by authorized persons of the User and Intereuropa's administrators of the website or specially appointed administrator for individual User.

Intereuropa undertakes to eliminate any disruptions, especially in connection with placing orders, as soon as possible, or to find suitable solutions which would enable the operating process to function without disruptions, and in such cases the User undertakes to do business in accordance with the instructions by Intereuropa. With regard to this, the liability of Intereuropa is limited to the functioning of Intereuropa's system and its information solutions. Intereuropa assumes no responsibility for any disruptions or defects in the functioning of Internet connections.

Intereuropa cares for the smooth functioning of the website and assumes no responsibility for the contents and the accuracy of the data entered into the system by the User.

If the website provides links to other websites, Intereuropa is not responsible for the accessibility of these websites or their contents.


Disputes arising in connection with the use of the website shall be subject to the Slovene legislation. Disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in Koper.


The General Terms and Conditions take effect on 23 November 2011.